Hi, I am Maya Perez.

I am a photographer based in Huntsville AL. My passion for photography started in 2014 and Ive been in love with it since. I took a break from it to pursue other things I was interested in, but I missed it so here I am again. I love getting to know my clients and being able to capture the moment exactly the way they imagined.

I would say my specialty is capturing candid moments. I enjoy taking pictures in general but I think the most beautiful pictures are the ones that aren't forced. I like capturing people in their own world. Theres beauty in it, and for me that's the art of photography.

I would say my editing style is different than most. I think quality is important but I also like to highlight detail and color. My favorite part of the process is editing. I think its awesome to be able to capture a good picture but taking a good picture and perfecting it is also amazing. All of my work is edited and retouched by me as well.

Maya Perez - Photographer